Wolfmother sound and look exactly how you expect them to

Judging by their track record of appropriating 70s rock music, when I saw the headline for the unveiling of Wolfmother’s new album art I immediately imagined abstract, Brobdingnagian objects floating amongst some grand, fantasy landscape; basically some less than subtle Floyd and Thorgerson references, a field full of beds, light reflecting through a prism or maybe just a giant cobra wrestling with a wolf on a ominous, full moon-lit landscape.

Well, I wasn’t far off.

Rainbow, big egg, huge fantasy landscape, ominous crows. Not quite as good a piece of album art as giant, inter-species fight to the death would have been, but still.

If you know Wolfmother well enough to know that that album art would look something like that, then you probably already know what the lead single off Cosmic Egg, ‘New Moon Rising’, sounds like. Despite a huge line-up change since their debut four years ago (!) it’s still the same old Wolfmother who don’t as much wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, but rather create a whole outfit out of them .

As Stereogum put it:

The fluffy Australian quartet’s about to release their second album Cosmic Egg, which comes packaged in very literal album art (some poor little kid stuck taking in the egg by his lonesome). Wolfmother’s sporting a different lineup — only Andrew Stockdale remains from the original pack — so the collection’s puffed-up and psyched-out first single “New Moon Rising” also feels kind of literal. (And that main guitar riff kind of feels like it belongs to Lenny Kravitz, if he’s ever actually owned anything, natch.)

It’s ok, I guess, if you don’t mind the bare faced pilfering or the fact that it sounds like a Aldi value imitation of Black Sabbath.

Cosmic Egg is out 10/13 via Interscope.

MP3: Wolfmother – Woman


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