Radiohead perform “These Are My Twisted Words”, Phil Selway unveils solo material

So it was confirmed as a Radiohead song at the start of the week, and now they’ve performed it live. No ‘Wall of Ice’ EP yet, though. Still not much of a fan of it. It has an Airbag EP era feel to it, the instrumental two minutes or so is quite enjoyable, nice to hear some reverb drenched guitars coil around each other again, but the song doesn’t have the drive to carry on for the five plus minutes it does. Like the Harry Patch tribute, there’s a lack of dynamism and Thom’s lyrics do feel phoned in. Maybe now his muse in the Whitehouse is gone he can’t really pen those venomous and nihilistic lyrics like he used to.

Not that he really has to worry about any competition in the lyric penning, or songwriting, department as footage of Phil Selway’s first trepid steps into a career as a solo artiste reveals itself.

Bit harsh, perhaps, but it is quite a mundane song with quite typical singer-songwriter lyrics. Definitely doesn’t touch the transcendal heights of Yorke’s and Greenwood’s solo work, but maybe you like his hurt everyman with a guitar quality.

And if that’s not enough, there’s another Selway track, ‘The Ties That Bind Us’, from the same show…

MP3: Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words


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