Animal Collective remix Phoenix

One of the best artist’s of the year remixing the one of the best artist’s of the year.


From Pitchfork:

Animal Collective’s Josh “Deakin” Dibb had this to say about the track: “Phoenix has been a staple for all four of us since Dave [Portner, aka Avey Tare] and Noah [Lennox, aka Panda Bear] brought home United from the record store they used to work at. One of the records that would get us through some of those long cross country tour drives, we’ve listened to Phoenix’s jams many many times. We were all totally psyched to get asked to do this and it was super fun to work on it. All the best to those dudes.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection) is due in digital form in the U.S. via Glassnote/Loyauté on October 13. UK followers will be able to buy the remix record as part of a Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix 2CD set out October 19.

Both parts I and II of Love is like a Sunset are one of the more organic jams on what is, for the most part, a highly wound and perfected portion of new-wave poppy goodness. It’s already halfway to being a Animal Collective remix in its original form. The slow instrumental layering, those warm fuzzy-felt synths, the nervy, interlocking guitar ticks and the cavernous break before the song’s triumphant crescendo of the song’s first part makes its title seem strangely, perhaps intentionally, ill-suited. The second part serves as a relieved coda to the ominous soundscape of the first; warm acoustic guitars take the fore and we finally hear a human voice. It’s an excellent mini-symphony that lies at the heart of a very pop album, a welcome pallet cleaner, a chance to clear your of those saccharine pop hooks for a few minutes before the album throws you straight back under.

The remix – as you’d expect from Animal Collective – makes it a little more alien, disorientated and generally disembodied from any human aspect the original had; AC’s fascination with the voice as an instrument runs deep here. The trails of Mar’s vocals tail off into the songs milieu and reverberate endlessly into a wordless mantra that creates a hazy, all enveloping wall of sound on which the song eventually rides out on once its initial spacey keys and tight drum groove are drowned out under it. It’s still Phoenix, but it’s also very Animal Collective. Perfect for late night introspection, as opposed to the original’s ‘new dawn’ optimism.

MP3: Phoenix – Love like a Sunset (Animal Collective Remix – Deakin’s Jam)


One response to “Animal Collective remix Phoenix

  1. there could not be a more amazing remix. your blog is great, by the way 🙂

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