Broken Biscuits – Part 1#

Writing a blog means you get a disproportionate amount of emails giving away free music, some good, some bad, some presented behind an impenetrable wall of PR guff, some with no explanation or justification at all as to why I should listen to them. It’s not unwelcome of course, but I rarely get the chance to post a fraction of the music I receive. Sometimes that’s because most of the music isn’t very good, but more often than not it’s because I haven’t the time.

So, that’s where Broken Biscuits comes in. Basically I’ll be hoovering up all the spare crumbs at the bottom of biscuit (or cookie) jar and throwing them into one nutritious post. Some of the bits are more morish than others, but from week to week (or however regularly I can/decide to do this) you should get at least get one new track from a new artist that you quite enjoy.

Let’s get things under way.

1. You’ve Got The Love – Florence and the Machine (XX remix)

The original is an unarguable classic, the Florence and the Machine cover – not so much. However, this goes some way to repairing that damage. Not strictly a remix, nor a complete reworking, it subtlety adds to the cover’s mood with some menacing sub-bass, laid-back, half-mumbled vocals that act as the perfect counter-point to Florence’s powerful which is cut-up and ‘glitched’ across the song’s understated climax. I never noticed how much the harps sound like the opening to Muse’s Bliss, either. A great track.

2. On My Way – The Sweet Serenades

Nervy, full throttle Swedish Power-pop. Your first thoughts probably immediately gravitate towards The Hives, and, to be honest, you’re not far off. Thundering drums, needly and nervy guitar lines perfect for the dancefloor and largely nonsensical and often wordless lyrics made for rhyme rather than reason. It probably won’t be your favourite song of the year, you probably won’t even remember it by the end of the year, but it’s a fun ride whilst it lasts.

3. Swimming – Mystery of Two
4. Repeat It
5. French Rocking Horse

Much more muscular rock this time. It’s still very much on the Indie side of the rock devide, but there’s some nice instrumental breaks and distorted guitar here. The singer seems to be trying to do his best David Byrne impression at times. Swimming is probably the pick of the three tracks.

6. Pirates – Penfold Gate

A four-peice Indie band from the Midlands with distinct storytelling lyrics. You’re probably thinking of The Arctic Monkeys, and, to be fair, you’re not far off. Only in this case the lyrics are no where as sharp and there’s a little less of that glorious instrumental interplay that marks the Arctic Monkeys out from being just another indie band. This track shows potential, though

7. New Wife, New Life – Truman Peyote

Frolicking afro-pop Foals/Vamp Weekend esque reverb drenched guitars, vocal harmonies, indistinct electronic rumblings and a recording of children playing. Quite Animal Collective. Great band name, too.

8. Passion III – Crash Overdrive
9. Hips, Lips and Microchips

Justicey, Daft Punkish Electro-House. You know the drill.

10. Santa Ana – Pi
11. New Shoes

Pi is a really awful artist name to have; in the sense that it sounds like pie, which is silly, that any search for said name is never going to result in the artist being the no.1 result until they’ve made it ridiculously big, ridiculously big enough to be bigger than a mathematical constant used to understand the fundamentals of the universe itself.

Anyway, Pi (eurgh) is some nice acoustic strummyness. Not really my cup of tea if I’m honest, but if you like sightly flowery singer-songwriterness, this could be for you.

MP3: Florence and the Machine – You’ve got the Love (XX remix)
MP3: The Sweet Serenades – On My Way
RAR: Broken Biscuits Mix 07.10.09


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