Blur: Fool’s Day

Another Record Store Day curio. Well, if you could call the first single from Blur in seven years a curio.

Understated is probably the magic word here: the lyrics detail a typical day in the life of Damon Albarn and address the process of recording this track, which includes walking past Woolworths and dropping off his kid off at school. Coxon’s guitar gently shuffles a chord progression that sounds more than a little like (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight (sorry, once you’ve heard it you won’t be able to unhear it). We get a nice, similarly simple guitar solo at the tail of the song, not amazing, but fitting in the spirit of the song.There’s also some fluttering keys thrown in for added texture which serves as a nice reminder, along with Coxon’s crunchy guitar tone, of the many faces of Blur through their time as a band.

MP3: Blur – Fool’s Day


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