I’d intended to write about this duo in my LCD gig review, but for the sake of brevity I didn’t write about their support performance.

They’ve more than a bit neglected by me in general, See Mystery Lights was one of those albums that fell through the cracks and doesn’t get listened to for months. And, to my regret, when they pop up as a support act for one of my more anticipated gigs of the year and I give them a respectful listen, they turn out to be really good. Groovy, DFA dance-punk with a cultish, (although their excellent website/mission statement insists they are not) new age sheen that manifests itself in the glitched up vocals of Claire Evans.

She’s also the focal point of a band that clearly invests a lot into its performance. Before the starring duo appear, a lone backing player shuffles on, presses a button on his keyboard and Giorgio Moroder blares out as he sits still, waiting. You’re ready for a performance of similar deadpan when Jona Bechtolt, the original entity of YACHT, enters dressed in a white suit, half southern preacher, half extraterrestrial, alongside Claire, an imposing image in a black catsuit. However, the duo give it their all, Jona’s neverending thanks to us ‘guys’ has a whiff of hipster irony to it – thought it could just be west coast enthusiasm – but apart from that they’re all out to get your attention and you do honestly think, for a moment, that the whole sci-fi cult performance shtick is for real. Jona shakes and trembles around stage like a young David Byrne, (even his suit is a little oversized as if in tribute) whilst Claire prowls the stage, grabbing a lot of attention for her striking androgynous beauty, but a lot more for her palpable and commanding stage presence; the two also have a fair few synchronated dance moves to bust out. It sounds ridiculous, but it works really well with the rest of their look, as if it’s some advanced, science fictiony form of mind control (Claire Evans is a keen sci-fi blogger), and you come away from the show feeling you’ve been inducted into something.

MP3:YACHT – The Afterlife (The xx Remix)

MP3:YACHT – Summer Song


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