Maximum Balloon – Tiger

So I was browsing the internet and came across an Esquire promo trailer for a Daisy Lowe shoot – as you do – and was immediately taken by the quality of the soundtrack; a really sassy, chicken-scratch guitared electro/funk/disco-ey work out that soon took my interest away from the model cavorting in high definition on my screen. So I skipped to the end of the video (sorry, Daisy) and found it was by Maximum Balloon, Dave Sitek’s newly named side-project.

A few hopeful googles didn’t provide me with a download link, so I’m currently just looping the video in the background and moving my hips in a manner not unlike Miss Daisy Lowe – in my head at least. I advise you do the same until we can hear the whole thing.

Could be a huge. Get in on the ground floor etc.

EDIT 6/6 9.13pm: Updated video to Vimeo link. Youtube took the audio down.

EDIT 14/6 6.16pm: After a few audio rips from the video claiming to be the whole song, it’s up on Maximum Balloon’s website. Here.

And as Steven points out in the comments, the song’s pencilled in for a 15th of June release date on Amazon.

MP3: TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me


5 responses to “Maximum Balloon – Tiger

  1. Here’s the song if you want to listen to it:

    • These are both just audio rips of the video though, aren’t they?

      Unless they shot the video to just happen to be as long as the song, and the song features one of the most disappointing fade outs of all time.

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