Wavves – Post Acid

As much as I adored Wavvves, it felt like a one trick pony; spending most of last Summer acting a dick during various live shows didn’t do much to help the impression of an artist crashing and burning whilst trying to learn on the job.

He might still be a dick, I don’t know the guy personally, but King of the Beach shows progression. The sound’s more polished but it’s leaner, sharper and a lot poppier. That probably burns like Kryptonite to some of the Pitchfork faithful, but it’s a good thing for a sound that thrives on the immediacy and desperate of teenage/twenty-something/waster ennui. And how precious can you be exactly about an artist who’s always been happy to chuck sunny Beach Boy ‘woo hoos’ into every conceivable situation? Not even the most ardent fan would have been entirely content with a second album that featured So Bored redux over and over. The guitars are still shambolic, the drums rattle along, but the vocals are clear, almost Blink 182 esque and you even the stoniest rock purist couldn’t resist that jarring guitar hook.

King of the Beach is probably your Summer album if you’re fortunate enough to live on the West Coast and spend your days surfing/skating to stay away from your lame parents … in the early 90s.


MP3: Wavves – Post Acid


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