Post Pitchfork Festival thoughts…

Major Lazer stole the show.

Major Lazer really stole the show.

‘Play Lemonade!’ is the new Freebird.

As good as Sir Lucious is, Big Boi playing Outkast material makes his live show about 400% more vital. Though the copyright wrangles that prevented us webcast viewers from watching his performance was a bit of a downer.

Panda Bear is not a festival act.

Diplo sounds less… nerdy than I expected him to.

I’d never heard Diplo’s voice until yesterday.

Major Lazer really, really stole the show.

LCD Soundsystem keep large swathes of their setlist the same from show to show, but I still want to catch them for a third time this year.

Who is Freddie Gibbs?

Titus Andronicus are a festival band.

St Vincent burns easily.

If you’re not following pitchforkreviewsreviews, you should.

HRO and altreport put in good post-festival performances.

This is the first festival I’ve blogged about without actually being there.

Major Lazer really nailed it.

MP3: Major Lazer – Hold The Line feat. Mr. Lexx & Santigold

MP3: Big Boi – Back Up Plan

MP3: Panda Bear – Slow Motion


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