Kanye West – See Me Now

So the latest cut to drop (directly from Mr West himself) from Damn Good Job whatever his latest album is going to be called is being hailed as a return to that warm, soulful College Dropout-era vibe he had going on. I’m not sure how true that is and suspect that anything he releases from here on out will feel that way in the shadow of his previous album. On that subject, I still maintain 808s and Heartbreak had some interesting ideas in that were never really developed enough; I suppose that introspective furrow is being dug by rappers like Drake now anyway. Even if it is in a more R’n’B and radio-friendly way than something like, say, Say You Will which has become one of my favourite Kanye tracks over time – a sparse two minute outro takes guts to pull off in any genre, let alone mainstream rap. It doesn’t feel like he got enough credit for some of his bolder moves on that album.

Anyway, coming back to the song, on the first few spins it lacks a big hook and Kanye still seems like he’s run out of things to talk about outside of himself and his art. If you’re really inspired by Michelangelo and the like and drop other high-falutin, timeless stuff as your inspirations then perhaps it’s best not to tack on a wandering ad-lib at the end of your craft (one of which is him indulging in his own ‘Imma let you finish’ meme’) ?


MP3:Kanye West – Say You Will
MP3:Kanye West – See Me Now


One response to “Kanye West – See Me Now

  1. I really liked what you had to say on Kanye’s new stuff. I posted about it too…don’t really know about his new approach, but I am pumped that See Me Now sounds like a return to his older trakcs.


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