Blissed Out – Rain Stream

I got an email hyping these guys’ forthcoming Second Plane EP/cassette release and offering the first single, Scarified, but I found this track hidden on their myspace far more appealing. It’s full of errie atmospherics and autchere-like crackles and pops; one to enjoy with the headphones as the nights draw in.

There’s also a less successful though intriguing reworking of Empire State of Mind that tempted me, along with the twin tower track art, to write something provocative about how it takes a restorative, post 9-11 New York anthem and haunts it with the spectre of that tragedy – thus creating the post-9/11 core genre. Then I found out why title track Second Plane is called Second Plane:

The title track,Second Plane, functions on multiple levels with its use of a sound sample taken from an amateur video of the second plane in the 9/11 attacks crashing into the Twin Towers.

So I guess I’m a proper pop critic now.

There’s a 100 Second Planes available through the Impose store – And, from the September 16, it’ll be available digitally if you’re not really into the whole cassette revival.

MP3: Blissed Out – Rain Stream


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