The Jet Age Of Tomorrow – Lunchbox (feat. Vince Staples & JQ)

Jet Age Of Tomorrow is another facet of the sprawling, seemingly omnipresent, Odd Future collective. As the title and album art suggests, Journey To The 5th Echelon is a pretty spacey, jazzy affair. More Sa-Ra than Slim Shady – Om’Mas Keith from the former even makes an appearance on ‘The Finer Things’ – and whilst Tyler and company haven’t suddenly turned into nice guys talking about inter-dimensional travel and ‘freein’ yo mind’ between tokes, they sound just at home over the intergalactic atmospherics and space funk beats as they do over clasutrophobic boom-bap and slasher movie synths. Turns out they’re all maddeningly versatile as well as tirelessly prolific.

The album dropped on New Year’s Eve, so fell in that award corridor after 2010 is done and 2011 is yet to get started which doesn’t help in conjuction with the overwhelming amount of stuff these guys put out, but it’s definitely worth a listen. Check out a couple of tracks below and download the whole thing by clicking the image or here.

MP3: The Jet Age Of Tomorrow – Lunchbox (feat. Vince Staples & JQ)


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