Hercules and Love Affair – My House

Perhaps with more than a slight nod towards how fashionable it is to make music that sounds like how the 80s is remembered, Andy Butler claimed last year the new Hercules record would nod less obviously to the decade. ‘I’m not interested in just being a historian who’s making referential music.’

Hercules make music that is from the 80s. They’re making house and disco of a style that’s already been made, so I’m not sure if I find this video as annoying and typical as chillwave’s revivalism of the 80s aesthetic with music that’s a vaguer approximation. Still, it’s a pretty referential video that chains the song more tightly to the decade. Hmmm.

Good song and video, though. Not sure how I slept on it last year.

MP3: Hercules and Love Affair – My House


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