Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M

Another Lex Luger beat that sounds like it’s heralding the end of the world in the gaudiest comic book imaginable: programmed snares crackle, big bass hits shudder and there’s that metastasizing/transforming sound that he does. Plus, this time there’s operatic, Omen-esque choirs – a little bit of classical refinement that Kanye probably recommended.

Not so sure on the rest of the track. Ye’s got his ‘HUH?’ game down pretty well, I’d even say he’s poking fun at himself and has probably seen this if he didn’t have such a massive ego and didn’t sound so half-arsed on this. Jay-Z doesn’t really fit either and they both sound a bit shrill, a bit whiny (maybe they’re supposed to?). Can’t stop thinking how much I’d rather hear Waka or Rick Ross or something like this.

Think I’m treating most of this stuff as post-MBDTF offcuts and b-sides, finding it hard to muster up the excitement and expectation for another Kanye project.

But still, it’s worth your time, if only to admire how prolific Kanye is at the moment.


MP3: Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M


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