I Made Mistakes

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy gets another lazy and unfinished music video. Rihanna’s breasts do not a great music video make. It’s a shame as there’s not been an album by a big label megastar more deserving of a proper promotional victory lap in recent years.

We’re never going to see a finished video for Monster either.

Also, I’m not sure if Hype Williams is paying homage to or just copying this:

In non-music-related, but still Kanye news: I don’t know anything about Kobe Bryant or Basketball (we have Netball in the UK but only girls play it) but this meta, grindhouse-y, Tarantinoesque* Nike ad is much, much better.

Adiós, Motherf**ker!

MP3: Kanye West – All of the Lights

* just noticed that, obviously, it’s Robert Rodriguez directed (Willis! Trejo!) – so more accurate to say Rodriguezesque.


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